Samstag, November 28, 2015

1568 # exhale

adventure, happy, and movie Bild

No matter what. Life is beautiful - it always will be. 

1567 # supreme discipline

alone, crowd, and people Bild

I feel as I would stay in the middle of nowhere. People are passing by but they don't look at me. Strangers.
So I stay there and wait. Waiting for something, for someone who picks me up.

1566 # skepticism

gif, heart, and beating Bild

I felt so close to you. I can call it connected in a different way. It seems so different, so true and beautiful. But was this my mistake? To see you, to saw us when I closed my eyes? When I've started daydreaming? When I've painted memories with all colours that we know? When I've started showing my white teeths when I thought about what you told to me? Was that a mistake to pull my walls a little bit down? I dont know, I really dont. I am curious to see what will happens next.