Samstag, März 17, 2012

1049 # f0tz³.
ich wäre euch dankbar wenn ihr diese person sperren würdet,da sie meine einträge klaut.
wenn das weiter so geht, höre ich mit bloggen auf.

1048 # rauf und runter.


Bad luck wind been blowing at my back I was born to bring trouble to wherever 
I'm at. Got the number thirteen tattooed on my neck. When the ink starts to itch, 
then the black will turn to redI was born in the soul of misery. Never had me a name. 
They just gave me the number when I was young. Got a long line of heartache I carry it well. 
The list of lives I've broken reach from here to hell. Back luck been blowing at my back 
I pray you don't look at me, I pray I don't look back.
I was born in the soul of miser.y Never had me a name.
 They just gave me the number when I was young-