Sonntag, September 13, 2015

1557 # good night sleep tight dont let the death bite


As the week had started I cant imagine what could happen, what would be happen. As I lay in the hosptial for a few days, I saw a lot of people. Young and old, rich and poor, happy ones and scared ones. But most of them were scared and depressed. But often these people were young, the older were happy and calm. So I started thinking, a lot...I mean I had nothing to do while I lay there. So I ask myself why the young people are so scared about hospitals. Maybe the horrorstories about the death are scaring them, I mean, apart from a cemetery is a hospital the epitome for diseases and like that for the death. So maybe they are so scared because they have a lot to lose? Because they want to live much longer, to make a lot of experiences and go on on adventures? In which the older ones they life had lived. They saw so much from the world, how it is to live in the war, how it is to see your beloved diyng and how it is to live in peace, in a modern world which can not compare with the world in their they grow up. The most of them had a family, most of them live more than the half of their years next to the person they love. What I try to explain is, that the older ones have seen so much and experience so much. They have seen the world and their faces. In which the younger ones compare with them have seen nothing and learn nothing from the true life. Most of them are grown up in a consumption society and dont know to appreciate what they have. I guess, old people are not scared of the death because they have seen enough, enough bad and enough good.

1556 # selfprotecting i guess

Sometimes you will hurt by a beloved. Slowly you feel, how your heart becomes a little bit colder. It feels like it would go a few steps back, back behind the walls.

1555 # decide who you are, who you want to be

There are two types of people. These people, who just care about themselves and make anything to feel better, anyway somebody have to suffer for that and these people, who doesnt show the bad things which are going on, to protect their beloved ones, they have to be brave, to be strong.
Whatever what a type you are, there is no better one.

1554 # turn your back


People change, people forget. People hurts. That's it.