Sonntag, September 07, 2014

1523 # holding on is harder

Sometimes we block out the things we don't want to remember and let them slowly peel off.

"Und warscheinlich werde ich in ein paar Jahren auf unsere Zeit zurück blicken und mir denken, dass du das einzig Richtige warst"                                    -mindfucker

1522 # dear little liars, please go and kill yourselfs

The lies that came out of your mouth

And than you realized, that every spoken word, only was a lie.

1521 # pittsburgh


It's like there's cancer in my blood, it's like there's water in my lungs 
and I can't take another step, please tell me I am not undone.
It's like there's fire in my skin and I'm drowning from within - I can't take another breath,
Please tell me I am not undone.