Montag, September 17, 2012

1121 # Lebensperfektionisten trotz Selbstgefährdung


Meister im Verdrängen, Bester Schauspieler im Falschen-Film, 
Schönste im Falsch- Lachen,Größtes Opfer der Zeit, 
Verlierer der Liebe und des Spiels, Perfektionisten im Scheitern,
Zen-Master der Mentalenstärke, Cleanster in der Entzugklinik
 - we still believe on a better life.

1120 # world is fine # people are shit


Dear World,
I hope so that these stupid humans awake from that nightmare and will repair you.

Ps; in seven years I'll visit you again, it's 65 million years ago.

Love Meteora

1119 # forgiveness

I just want to tell you, I'm the one who was supposed to take care of everything. I'm the one who was supposed to make everything okay for everybody. It just didn't work out like that. And I left. I left you. You never did anything wrong. I used to try to forget about you. I used to try to pretend that you didn't exist, but I can't. And now, I'm an old broken down piece of meat... and I'm alone. And I deserve to be all alone. I just don't want you to hate me.

1118 # das leben mit einer illusion


Wünsche&Träume, sind zum greifen nah - dennoch so unrealistisch.

1117 # bodenständigkeit # standhaftigkeit


Ich will keine Flügel mehr, ich brauch Boden unter mir.